Tanning Tips


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These tips will help your tan progress faster, last longer and look better. At Sun Catchers Tanning Salon. We care about you, we care about your skin. We care about your tan.


  • Drink lots of water-Water will moisturize your skin from the inside out. It is important to keep your skin moist because moist skin tans best.
  • Adjust positions-By adjusting positions from time to time will eliminate pressure points on your back and tan more evenly. By allowing the blood to circulate you will run less of a risk of getting a "heat rash".
  • Use indoor tanning lotion-These lotions or "accelerators" have been designed to be used with tanning beds. They will help you tan faster, darker, and make your tan last longer. Most importantly they will keep your skin moist while you are tanning.
  • Don't use an alkaline based soap-Use a P.H. balanced shower gel. "Bar" soaps will strip off an oil layer of  your skin called acid mantle and leave a waxy film on our skin. One of our P.H. balanced shower gels will leave you clean, moisturized and best of all won't harm your tan.
  • Wear the supplied F.D.A. approved goggles-This will protect your cornea and retina from irreversible damage that may not show up until later on in life.
  • If you have any questions please ask-We love questions, our employees have been trained to help you with anything that you might have a question about.
  • Use the Super High Output Beds-These beds are designed to help you achieve the deepest, richest, best-looking tan possible. Plus, they also help you even out your face, neck, and shoulders with the rest of your body.
  • TAKE IT SLOW- Tanning is not a speed race. We know that you want a tan yesterday, but by overdoing it will take longer to get that tan you want and you won't get as dark in the long run with a burn base.

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